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Repair of Damaged Files Our team of engineers use in house reconstruction algorithms and detection software that are able to out- perform any commercially distributed file repair applications, ensuring that even the most damaged or corrupt of data is still usually recoverable. Our service scope reaches across all formats and platforms and we are therefore also able to work with the whole spectrum of operating systems including Linux, iOS and Android.       
Recovery of Digital Data DDS offers digital data recovery plans for any kind of digital storage device no matter how big the task.  We work with all format of HD and SSD as well as RAID systems, USB sticks, SD, Flash memory, CD/DVD, iPhone, iPod, iPad and any kind of media storage device. We are constantly investing in staff and equipment to ensure the consistently high level of expertise required to handle any given digital data recovery situation.
Forensic Services The relentless advance of technology and the weight of importance of digital media has exposed the industry to constant attack by hackers and other fraudulent bodies. At DRS we are devoted to stopping that with all the tools we can muster. We work with highly qualified professionals who are able to offer security solutions that can cope with the most persistent and virulent of these attacks and consistently meet our customer requirements. We are able to detect, track and eliminate all kind of IP intrusion and provide a full report for you to follow up on and protect against the danger of future recurrence.     
hardware repair central processing unit DRS is one of the few companies in the sector that has its own, state of the art laboratory, and the only one on the Costa del Sol.  What´s more, nobody shows their customers the same care and consideration as we do. We are acutely aware of the need to treat each customer as the valuable asset they are and to provide him/her with the first class service they deserve. Not only does this ensure their satisfaction but it also preserves the good name of our company that we have worked hard to estabilsh, meaning everyone involved is happy! providing the best in reliable and trustworthy data recovery services on the Costa Del Sol, Spain IT laboratory
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