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In recent years investment funds and property investments have seen a fall in prices and returns due to unstablemarkets and decreasing client interest. Many feel that property investments in are currently not a good option whereas in actual fact there has never been a better time to invest! In 2007 property investment was extremely popular and the real estate market became overblown. Suddenly estate agents everywhere were offering “opportunities” in so called emerging markets and promising huge returns on investment.  Such was the excitement that many people made large investments into properties that most had not even seen, often located in relatively unknown locations.  Almost without exception, these markets have declined and offer no hope of any kind of return on investment leaving lots of disheartened and unhappy investors in trouble. In simple terms, the basic rules surrounding property investment were ignored, and speculative over-production of new properties has resulted in the situation we find ourselves in today. The real estate market is a cyclical one that experiences highs and lows that often reflect the state of the economy as a whole. During the boom years many investors wanted to take advantage of the rapidly rising property prices throughout Europe.  While this strategy may prove beneficial to the short term investor, it is not the correct strategy for the more professional investor who looks for good returns in the long term.  Ironically, by the time most people became aware of the property boom, it was well underway and prices had already risen substantially, so in a way it was already too late, whereas the more astute investors had come in when prices were lower and for them large capital gains were eventually achieved. Over the course of time it’s easy to see where investments should have been made (at the lowest points) and disposed of (at the high points). Unfortunately many people are slow to invest when prices are falling because of the fear that they may decrease further. It seems more natural to buy when prices have risen substantially with the belief that they will continue to rise indefinitely, but by this time it is generally too late and the market pressure of investors trying to get their share of expected profits causes it to collapse. Right now the market has now almost bottomed out, making it the ideal time to invest. If investment opportunities are chosen carefully with the advice of experienced and reputable professionals within the industry then substancial rewards are more possible than ever before. The Banus Realty organisation is in the position of being able to offer its clients some excellent investment opportunities.  All have been thoroughly researched with due diligence and promise realistic returns in addition to complying with all legal and licensing requirements. By getting in touch with us we can provide you with a better understanding of the investment proposal and discuss specifics and answer any questions you may have.
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